Lazaros Demourtzidis

Πρόγραμμα Ημερίδας EFORT Fall Travelling Fellowship 2013 στις 23-9-13 στο Γ.Ν. Παπαγεωργίου



Monday 23 September 2013


15.00-19.00   Meeting at the Main Auditorium of the Papageorgiou General                                        Hospital 


15.00-16.00   Lectures from the staff members of Papageorgiou Hospital

                         Moderators: Professor John M. Kyrkos, Assoc. Professor Fares E.                              Sayegh


15.00-15.15   Anterior dislocation of shoulder. Is there an effective method of                                reduction?

                         Fares E. Sayegh, Assoc. Professor


15.15-15.30   Radial head replacement arthroplasty

                         Ioannis K. Sarris, Assist. Professor


15.30-15.45   Congenital hypoplasia of the femur

                         Nikolaos Laliotis, Assist. Professor


15.45-16.00   Secondary hyperparathyroidism among patients undergoing Total                          Knee Arthroplasty

                         Kyriakos A. Papavasiliou, Consultant


16.00-17.00  Lectures from the staff members of Papanikolaou Hospital

                        Moderators: Professor Anastasios Christodoulou, Professor George                         Petsatodes


16.00-16.15  A new method of suturing of tendon transfers

                        Panagiotis Givissis, Assoc. Professor


16.15-16.30  Long head of biceps. Pathology and correlation with rotator cuff                               tears.

                        Periklis Papadopoulos, Assist. Professor


16.30-16.45  Basic science in rotator cuff pathology

                        Konstantinos Ditsios, Assist. Professor


16.45-17.00  Measurements of modular of elasticity of the bone with                                               nanoidentation

                        Petros Antonarakos, Consultant


17.00-17.30  Coffee break


17.30-19.00   Presentations from the EFORT fellows


 Moderators: Professor George A. Kapetanos, Assoc. Professor Panagiotis Givissis

   Clinical applications of Quantitative Musculoskeletal MRI

   Dr. David Stelzeneder, Austria

   Endoprothesis stem fracture due to subtrochanteric osteotomy non-union

   Dr. Petar Cvijic, Bosnia & Herzegovina

   Nonunion after operative treatment of humeral shaft fractures

   Dr. Georgi Dimitrov,Bulgaria

   Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

   Acute and chronic injuries among Croatian club level junior rowers

    Dr. Josip Vlaic, Croatia

    Mr. Andreas Roushias, Cyprus

    Department of orthopaedic surgery university of Tampere and overview of our     recent studies

    Mr. Priidu Rünkorg, Finland

    Aixpertise in Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery - RWTH Aachen in a nutshell

    Dr. Gertraud Gradl, Germany

    Proximal hamstrings injuries: New trends

    Dr. Georgios Konstantinidis, Greece

    Orthopedic care in Hungary and in our institution

    Dr. Kinga Szuper, Hungary

    Multifidus Paraspinal Innervation and Muscle Assessment Post Spinal Surgery

    Dr. Derek Cawley, Ireland

    Use of bone allografts added with mesenchymal stem cells and growth                 factors in the treatment of necrosis of femoral head: our experience

    Dr. Francesco Mancuso

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